Hey Boss: justification for bigger monitor now

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If you are like me, you’ve been lusting after a bigger monitor like those the art guys up on 17 have. But how to make the argument to your boss for the upgrade? Answer: you’ll be more productive. And now, you’ve got proof.

According to an article today in the Wall Street Journal (and is therefore true), having a larger monitor makes a difference in your productivity. The article cites a study by the University of Utah where researchers tested users with an 18″ monitor, two 20″ monitors and a 24″ monitor. The one with the 24″ monitor got the job done 52% faster than the one with the 18″. Even people that used the 20″ side by side set up were 44% faster than us poor schmucks with 18″ monitors.

Taken to the extreme that means it could save your boss 2.5 hours a day, assuming you worked non-stop for 8 hours. There is an upper limit though, at 26″ productivity gain dropped off, obviously from the users basking in the glow of sheer exuberance.

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Read: [Wall Street Journal]

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  • Ringo

    Cool!! Managed to get the boss to let me have 2 monitors but I doubt he'll go for this :-)