Its Official: The Beatles catalog is coming to iTunes

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After what has amassed to literally years of Beatles and iTunes speculation and rumors ranging from everything to having the music added to a Yellow Submarine branded iPod.

Well, and I say this as a huge Beatles fan, I am glad to say its not the Yellow Submarine iPod that has come true, but instead it’s much more exciting news as the complete Beatles catalog will soon be hitting iTunes. Thanks to a reported $400 million deal, signed by Sir Paul McCartney, himself and Ringo Starr as well as the families of both John Lennon and George Harrison will also benefit. We also cannot forget the record labels, EMI, Sony and Michael Jackson who all own at least partial shares of the collection as well.

As a Beatles fan I cannot say that I plan on purchasing all (or even any) of their music from iTunes, I have an almost complete collection from years of LP, cassette tape and CD purchases that have been already added to my iTunes collection. However similar to how I discovered the Beatles at a young age, I hope my daughter (and others in similar situations) will have their children discover them in this new digital format. My discovery came from my parents LP collection, the times (and formats) may have changed but its still about music discovery and for that I think its exciting to have the Beatles soon to be included in iTunes.

Sadly,while they do mention the music will be added in 2008, there was not any specific date announced yet, hopefully it will be soon.

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