Brando portable solar charger powers your gadgets with the sun

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Brando Solar Charger

One of the main reasons why I’m holding off on buying the new Nokia N95 is because I don’t want to get frustrated every time I run out of batteries while I’m on the road. I consider myself a power user and I know for sure that with all the features the N95 is packing under the hood, I’ll suck the batteries dry before I’m even halfway home. But then Brando, who seems to have been reading my mind lately, has come up with this very helpful new gadget that will definitely be included in my to-buy list next week. It’s a solar-powered key chain cellphone charger, that can um, charge you cellphone using solar power.

For only $22.00, you get the convenience of never having to worry about where to next plug in your cellphone charger for power. Plus, it’s summer so this will come extremely handy while you’re up and about, hanging with the ladies in the beach. Just don’t get it wet, though.

It’s actually more of a portable charger, and aside from working with power from sunshine, you can also pre-charge it through your computer’s USB port or through an ordinary wall power outlet. The standard package includes the following:

  • One Mini Key Chain Solar Charger
  • One USB cable
  • One A/C adapter (110V~220V)
  • One extended cable
  • Five connector adapter (Sony Ericsson Fast Port, Samsung, Mini USB (for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4) , Nokia (2mm), Nokia (3.5mm))

This will be great while we’re waiting for the Green Cell battery concept to materialize. For now, this is as green and environment-friendly as it can get.

Via [The Gadget Blog]

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  • Bessy

    Hi. Did you already buy this keychain solar sharger and did it work like you wanted? I'd debating buying it, it seems to answer my prayers too! I haven't found any reviews for it online.