Firefox releases version 3 beta 4

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Firefox 3 beta 4 milestone release

Following the much hyped released of its rival web browser IE8, Firefox has, as expected released version 3 beta 4 of its web browser. Unlike IE8 which allowed anyone to download the browser even in the early stage of its version, Firefox explicitly recommend that the beta 4 version be downloaded only by testers and developers.

Firefox 3 beta 4 milestone releases has the following 4 new features:

  • Improved users interface which includes, enhanced search support in the download manager, ability to zoom in an entire page or just the text, and over all improvement in interface when running on Windows Vista, XP, MAC OS X and Linux.
  • Richer personalization feature which includes location bar using an algorithm based on site recency and frequency for better matching of history and bookmarks and an adaptive learning algorithm that matches user browsing habits.
  • Enhanced platform feature including support for HTML5’s windowpostMessage and window.messageEvent, Javascript 1.8 improvements and offline data storage for web application.
  • Improved performance of web based applications running even faster than in the previous releases. Memory consumed during long web browsing time is dramatically reduced as well.

For users who can’t wait till version 3 is officially released, exercised caution when installing this beta release.

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  • stunning

    hmm i am wating for full version still using 2nd ver