Brando’s portable USB mouse speaker looks like, feels like, but isn’t really a mouse

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Brando USB Mouse Speaker

The point of anything that doesn’t work as advertised always evades me, and the case of this USB mouse speaker is no exception. Worth $14 and an ounce of your patience, Brando’s USB mouse speaker will play music from any iPod, PC, laptop, CD player, mobile phone or any other compatible sound source via a standard 3.5mm plug. It has a handy switch for turning it On/Off, as well as for adjusting the volume. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it, and a complimentary neck strap is even included in the box for added “convenience” and “portability”. It’s got the basic features of your average portable speaker covered so far, but one thing it doesn’t do it act as a real computer mouse. I guess the exterior was done all in the name of style, then. If you can call its violet “headlights” stylish.

Via [GeekAlerts] Via [Coolest-Gadgets]

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