Geico’s latest spoof, a new dating portal dubbed

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Geico's latest spoof

Geico has launched a spoof dating and match website called It’s basically a mock dating website for users on the web. Other than those normal features such as photo albums and a user profile section, this portal steps out from other dating portals with its special features. Morphing is one of them and this is how it works, male site visitors can be morphed to look their best as caveman suitors. Other than that, for female site visitors, they can have a glimpse on what their cavebaby might look like. It also features an entertainment portal for video profiles and dates of the pining caveman. The tools are easy to navigate and with all the special additional features, this makes the iHeartCaveman site fun to mess around with for a while. This also serves as a follow up to Geico’s previous Caveman’s Crib that was launched just about a year ago.

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