Philips Xenium now comes with a touchscreen

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Philips Xenium touchscreen phone

Philips is at it again with the release of a reworked Xenium 9@9 smartphone, this time giving it the powers of a stylus-based touchscreen. Dubbed the Xenium 9@9v, this new smartphone will hit Asian shores next month with the following features: the previously mentioned touchscreen, handwriting recognition, dual-SIM card support and an astonishing 1 month standby time. The details have been scarce so far, and there’s no way to confirm if it will be able to have both SIM cards inserted active at the same time, and of course, whether it will be able to last as long as the 1 month standby time quoted by the manufacturer itself. Personally, I think I’d feel funny knowing my phone doesn’t need charging even after just three days. You have to wonder, does this little thing breathe oxygen? At any rate, I say hats off to Philips if the quoted lasting power is true. I wish more mobile phone manufacturers could do that with their phones.

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