Canon releasing three new 10-megapixel digital cameras

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PowerShot SD770 IS

Canon is releasing the PowerShot SD890 IS, PowerShot SD790 IS, and the PowerShot SD770 IS, due in stores early April, end of March and mid-April, respectively. The three cameras share Canon’s DIGIC III imaging processor, which they claim is responsible for the cameras’ high performance levels, in addition to each utilizing Canon’s face detection technology, intelligent anti-blur technology and in-camera image enhancement, which allows for automatic red eye correction.

What is different about the three cameras is body style, LCD size, and zoom level. The SD 890 has a 5x optical zoom with a 2.5-inch LCD screen. The 5x zoom is equivalent to a 185mm lens. With a 3x zoom, equivalent to a 105mm lens, the SD790 contains a 3-inch LCD screen. Rounding off the bunch is the SD 770 with a 2.5-inch LCD and a 3x optical zoom.

The PowerShot SD890 IS, PowerShot SD790 IS, and the PowerShot SD770 IS are set to hit shelves with an estimated retail price of $399.99, $349.99 and $299.99 respectively.

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  • Chris Whittome

    The article seems to point out that apart from body style and zoom levels (thank to 2 extra mega pixels), the cameras are not really a step up in terms of technology.

    I get a tad cynical about new models when all they're really doing is making a minute style change. The lens, red eye correction and image stabilization etc all haven't changed from the SD870 IS. And 10 MP instead of 8MP is meaningless on its own.

    It does mean that all us folk with 6 or 8 mega pixels will start feeling inadequate until we upgrade. Which is what it's all about of course. Any real difference to the SD870 IS – not really.

  • Digital Camera Sales

    I wonder how far cameras will go? I remember a few year back 3 mega pixel was ace. Now you get that on a mobile phone!