Samsung, Sharp, Sony players stay on top of high-priced video disc players

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Samsung, Sharp, and Sony players stay on top of high-priced video disc players

The Blu-ray format continues to be a winner especially now that Blu-ray players such as those from Samsung, Sharp, and Sony are hitting record highs with their prices, which is contrary to their move earlier this year to offer players for a mere $300.

But since Blu-ray purchases increased with the continuing popularity of the Playstation 3, Blu-ray discs and players are now back to being sold at a much higher price. From $300, a Blu-ray hardware is again sold for $400. The top Blu-ray players and the widely available are from Samsung, Sharp, and Sony which prices have significantly climbed. Even LG with its BH200 player has added more amount to the price tag.

Since its introduction in mid-2006, Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray players have not really slowed down in terms of price. They are still expensive for a video disc player and the recently-ended format war did no good either because even with the price-slash at the beginning of the year, the players costs are still high.

Ironically, present Blu-ray players are expected to become obsolete come end of 2008 because Blu-ray is set to introduce new and more advanced features such as Internet connectivity. No firmware updates will be offered so once these new Web-enabled features are launched, buying a new BD player will be inevitable.

So who’s up to buying Blu-ray players since obsolescence is just around the corner? Blu-ray disc and player manufacturers must reprice their products as soon as possible before Blu-ray meets the same fate of HD-DVD.

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