Amazon launches wish list, grapevine apps in Facebook

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Facebook continues to attract third party developers to create their own Facebook applications. What used to be the arena of budding third party developers is also now a place for big web entities. The latest to join the Facebook craze is Amazon with its Amazon Giver and the Amazon Grapevine apps.

From the day it was announced, you could easily predict that the two Amazon applications are heading for big time. Amazon made sure that it has built hype for the release of the two applications, which incidentally are just pretty simple apps. The only difference that the Amazon apps have over other third party Facebook apps is of course the brand name.

If you are both an Amazon and Facebook member, you can opt to install the Amazon Giver application. The application will let you see your friend’s wish list in Amazon, share your own wish lists to your Facebook friends, receive gift recommendations from Amazon and inform your friends when you have bought a gift in Amazon. That’s it, pretty simple applications and yet highly publicized and possibly over rated.

Next, the Amazon Grapevine application will let you share your Amazon activities that includes, writing reviews, adding items to your wish list and tagging items. Ironically, it doesn’t share your purchases in Amazon. Of all activities it would seem that purchases should have been the first action that you could share with your friends.

Currently on an unstable state, these two applications may not yet be full proof. But knowing Amazon, it will definitely introduce some more Facebook applications soon, if not enhanced the Giver and Grapevine applications.

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