Logitech releases the diNovo Mini, a remote control dressed up as a wireless keyboard?

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Logitech diNovo Mini

Frankly I don’t get the idea behind Logitech’s diNovo Mini. If you have a TV and you want to easily control it, you’d normally use a remote control right? If you have a laptop or a desktop and you want to work on it, you’d not sit too far from it right? Then what’s the use of a wireless keyboard that you can connect to your PC and TV?

Well yeah, the diNovo Mini looks sleek, good and your friends would definitely say “wow, what a good looking small gadget you have there!” Other than that, the Logitech does some pretty standard functions that may either impress you or make you ignore it. The diNovo gives you convenience and style of a palm-size mini-keyboard with backlighting technology that makes text entry effortless even if you are in a low-light environment. This mini wireless keyboard has an integrated dual-purpose click pad that can be used as a touchpad to point and click for easy navigation.

And with the Bluetooth feature of the diNovo Mini, you can enjoy long-range wireless control even if you are located 30 feet away from everybody. This is one feature that I really don’t dig. Yes, it works best if you are using the diNovo Mini to control your LCD TV. But why would you use this to control or work on your PC 30 feet away from it? Unless of course you have a very large wide screen PC monitor. The Logitech diNovo Mini also works with the Playstation3. Probably when doing some uploading and downloading of game saves but definitely not for playing those PS3 fighting games.

The Logitech diNovo mini retails for around $149. No too much of a price to pay if you want to take it for a spin.

Product [Logitech] Via [jkOnTheRun]

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  • Jay Brewer

    Seems like this is made for controlling an HTPC or computer hooked up to your LCD TV right? Makes sense to me – and would work great with my Mac Mini.

  • amt230

    Makes tons of sense to me. I use my Mac Mini as and HTPC, and hate using a wireless mouse and keyboard, since they always fall on the floor. Although, I don't really think that $150 is a small amount of money, if I want to take it for a spin, but maybe I need a new job.