YouTube now allows video viewing in high quality

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YouTube has launched a new feature that lets users select the quality of videos that they watch. Currently available and can be seen in some video streams, YouTube is aiming to make this feature available to more video content later on. High-quality video viewing here pertains to all video contents uploaded to YouTube and is not restricted video contents from YouTube partners.

To enjoy watching high quality videos, go to your YouTube account page. At the lower portion of the account settings you would find an additional link under the “Account” heading. Click on the “Video Playback Quality” and just select how you want to watch YouTube videos. You actually have three options:

  • Choosing video quality dynamically based on the current internet connection.
  • Never play higher-quality video if you have a slow connection.
  • Always play higher-quality video when it’s available – if you have a fast connection.

If you don’t want to bother yourself doing those steps, you can always click on the link that will appear right below the YouTube video player when you are watching a video uploaded in high quality.

Remember that opting to watch high quality videos will require longer loading time, so if you have a slow connection and don’t have the patience to wait for videos to load, better skip this one. Otherwise, now you can enjoy YouTube videos in all their detailed glory, although I am not always sure you would want to see that much detail.

Via [The YouTube Blog]

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  • chvnx

    I have a post about how you can watch YouTube videos in High Quality by simply adding some code to the URL. Copy & paste is all you need to know!

    <a href=""></a&#62;