Boston-Power offers safer, longer-lasting laptop battery with Sonata

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Sonata laptop battery from Boston-Power

Who wouldn’t want a laptop battery that’s safer, longer-lasting, and environment-friendly? I know I do. And I know all laptop users would like to get a boost on the battery life of their current laptops, and maybe something that doesn’t go off in flames when you’re not looking. A start-up company called Boston-Power is aiming to provide the answer for this essential need with their Sonata laptop battery, which will come out later this year.

Founded by a 40-year old frustrated opera singer named Christina Lampe-Onnerud, Boston-Power is set to change the way laptop batteries are used for the benefit of all laptop users across the world. They are going to do it with Sonata, a new kind of laptop battery that Lampe-Onnerud has been working on for at least a couple of years now. It offers longer overall battery life, a fast-charge feature enabling it to go from zero to 80% in just half an hour of charging, not to mention it will be less prone to exploding, unlike current generation batteries. The Sonata is slated for an official release of around Q3 2008, and John Wozniak has confirmed that HP has been doing some testing with it (They’ll be among the first to issue laptops with the much-hyped Sonata batteries).

If and when the Sonata goes mainstream, expect longer-lasting, safer, and more environment-friendly laptops. There’s going to be a premium on its price, so if you’re an early adopter, which thankfully, I’m not, be prepared for some sticker shock.

Via [IEEE Spectrum]

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  • Rick

    Looking forward to longer-lasting and safer laptop batteries, hope Sonata comes through.

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