Flickr Video coming soon, do we need another YouTube?

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Video Coming to Flickr

Rumors are spreading around that Flickr Video may soon be seeing the light of day. And no, they are not talking about a couple of months but in a matter of weeks, April to be a bit exact. Both’s Dan Farber and TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington have reasons and sources to believe that Yahoo’s widely used and most popular web service is actually extending its clout to offer an online video service ala YouTube.

If indeed Flickr Video is coming soon, then it better have something better to offer than what YouTube does. YouTube have become an epitome of what user-generated video content is all about. It has gone a long way since it was launched by a couple of cool programmers sometime in 2005 or was it 2006?

Would Flickr Video click to the online video savvy individuals? It might or might not. And even if does get some attention and user base, I don’t think it can even go at par with YouTube. Many video uploading sites have tried, but unfortunately failed.

Another thing that Yahoo and Flickr should consider is whether Flickr users, both the loyal free-riding ones and the paid subscription users would welcome a video service in their beloved site. What makes Flickr unique is the community of photo enthusiasts that it has build through the years. And these members are pretty much vigilant when it comes to matters that would affect their beloved photo uploading and sharing site.

Bottom line, Yahoo may need a new way to spice up its online services, and introducing a video counterpart for Flickr is the most likely candidate. But it has already sealed the photo sharing/uploading-social networking/tagging services for photos arena, hopefully the hands that rock the Flickr management would return to their senses and stop the plan of desecrating the Flickr that we all know and love.

Flickr is better as a social photo service, let’s leave it at that.

Via [CNET] Via [TechCrunch]

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