YouTube, no longer accessible in China

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Chinese YouTubers will no longer be able to access the video-sharing site—indefinitely. Access was blocked last Sunday after Tibetan protest videos were posted that may have prompted the Chinese government’s decision.

Similar to what happened in Pakistan, the whole YouTube website was blocked. It would be a lesser bad news if only the videos in question were banned but the government decided to refrain their people from accessing the popular video website.

Doing a simple ‘Tibet protest’ search on, will show more than 400 videos uploaded in the past 7 days alone. As of this writing, the video “Tibet WAS, IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of CHINA” already has 273,162 views and counting and the video was only uploaded Sunday, March 16. The video was reported to have irked the Chinese government causing them to shut down YouTube access.

Being the largest country and with the largest population, China also has the largest online community beating the US just last month. So maybe the government was just afraid that the video may cause yet another revolution. No official word yet from the Chinese government has been reported.

Via [TheRegister]

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