Opera Mini now officially supported by Helio

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Opera Mini on Helio

Helio has finally realized that Opera Mini is the favored browser among its users so they’ve made it official. An improved Opera Mini browser (perhaps optimized for Helio) is now available for download direct from Helio. If you’re checking out their web site and don’t see anything, don’t fret. Helio hasn’t made an official announcement about this yet but the Opera Mini client really is available for download. HelioCity is reporting about this and they’ve included instructions on how to download Opera Mini as well.

How to get it:
1. From the idle screen, type the jumpcode “67372” (OPERA).
2. Hit the flamekey
3. Download, and enjoy!

This makes Helio the first carrier to officially support Opera Mini as an alternative to their very own native browser, and for good cause.

Via [HelioCity]

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