Continental Airlines to continue using QR codes for boarding

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Continental Airlines will continue using QR Codes, a technology that allows speedy exchange and decoding of information, which should be a good thing because it will allow you to check in to your flight quicker, and hopefully cut down on time spent standing in line. The use of QR codes are presently popular in Japan, being an advanced country, but so far have not been deemed successful anywhere else, except for now, the USA, and its still taking some time to really catch on.

Continental Airlines first began using devices such as PDA’s or mobile phones late last year in place of an airline customers’ boarding pass. Looks like the airline has been successful with their test that they’re making it official. Traditionally, boarding passes are printed out to show to an airline personnel but since we’re living in a modern and material world, what better time than ditch the paper and use gadgets instead.

QR code technology works like this: airline sends a code to your phone or PDA (or tiny laptop soon I hope) when you book your flight and before finally boarding, you show the code to the person with a scanner. Continental is said to be the first US airline to use the QR code. And if the system picks up, other international airlines will likely follow. Besides, Google is reported to be working on ZXing, a QR code reader application. So, does the QR code future start now?

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