Genius intro’s the GHP-05 Live headphones, offering 3D surround sound

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Genius GHP-05 Live

Genius has just released their new 3D surround sound quality headphones, the GHP-05 Live. The GHP-05 Live features enhanced true bass levels that contribute to producing that 3D surround sound quality. The GHP-05 headphones also offer a wide acoustic range which should offer good quality with a variety of audio from classical to vocal music.

Genius has built the GHP-05 Live’s true 3D sound quality using precise echo phase control that creates clear and natural sound. This is the same technology that enables engineers to power amplifiers and speakers to make the sound moves around in a super low-bass, upper high-treble and pure vocals. Giving credit to the headphone’s soft velvet padded ear they should offer comfort for extended wear.

With a price tag of $59, the GHP-05 Live headphones come with an extension cable, a 3.5mm-RCA converter and a 6.3mm gold plated adapter that can be connected to any audio devices. The GHP-05 Live looks cool and sporty although some may get turned off by its bulky design, especially now that there are smaller and slimmer headphones available in the market today. But for loyal users of Genius products, the GHP-05 Live would be a good addition to other their other Genius speakers.

Product [Genius] Via [Business Wire]

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