Polaroid expanding again, intro’s the Freescape 4360 PMP

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Polaroid Freescape 4360 MPU-043315B

Polaroid had announced they were leaving the instant picture business and with that many people thought they would just quietly disappear. Well it seems that has been quite the opposite, just recently they had announced the ZINK printer and now they have announced the Freescape 4360 portable media player.

The Freescape 4360 features a 4.3-inch 16:9 widescreen display, 60GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, FM tuner and TV-out. With a rechargeable Li-ion battery it will offer up to 16 hours for audio playback and 4 hours for video playback. The Freescape 4360 has support for MPEG4, WMA, WMV, MP3 and JPEG formats, with some speculation that there will be a future plugin for DivX. While the Freescape 4360 is not yet available, it is expected to retail for around $400.

Via [CrunchGear]

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  • corps

    I have a Polaroid Freescape. Had it for less than a week. Crashed 3 times on the first day connecting it to PC.
    Crashes constantly and requires paperclip to reset. Had problems connecting to wifi network and doesn't seem to store settings sometimes? but it did automatically update firmeware once online though yet to download Podcast!

    Requires windows media player to sync files across to the PMP, which I don't use any media player only K-lite media player classic. I have problems getting it to recognise Genre after copying across files or albums. MP3 headers set using ID3Tag.

    Video took a bit of sorting
    xvid codecs
    bitrate 512kbps (though can go higher)
    video size 320×240 (despite its screen size)
    frame rate 24

    2 Channel (Stereo)
    Bitrate 96kbps

    apparently it also supports H264 codec but I can't get that to work only WMA and AVI, xvid (good picture)

    I paid £79 from amazon though I wouldn't buy again I would go for a solid state flash drive instead! not bad for a cheap External 60GB drive with an onboard player. But really the crashes make it nearly unusable?

  • Jessy Palmer

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