Who says snail mail is dead? USPS offering electronics recycling free by mail

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USPS Recycle Program by Mail

While everyone else in the world seems to be forgetting about snail mail, here comes the US Postal Service putting the old way of communicating into a fresh and yet good use – recycling electronics. The US Postal Service is advocating the recycling of electronic products, such as mobile phones and inkjet cartridges to name a few. If you’re sick and tired of your broken iPods you may put them in an envelope provided by the USPS and send those electronics via snail mail. The envelope will be provided by the USPS and will be strategically placed in 1500 post offices across the US.

The USPS “mail back” program does not only promotes and encourages environmental sustainability but it will help consumers to de-clog their homes and workstations with dead electronic products as well.

Helping out the USPS in carrying out this noble project is Clover Technologies Group, a nationally recognized company that promotes the 3R’s in inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges and small electronics – recycle, remanufacture and remarket. Clover Technologies takes care of the postage for the mailed envelope.

Concerned individuals can use the envelopes located in post offices with no limits. Individuals can use as many envelopes as they want, as long as they only contain old pieces of electronics. The “mail back” program is currently set for testing in 10 areas across the U.S. has the potential to become a phenomenon. If the mail back program gets positive reviews from early participants, it will grow and become available in more areas. Hopefully, Clover Technologies could handle the influx of electronics junk once the recycling program gets a head start.Hats off to USPS and Clover for this noble program.

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