Best Buy offering gift cards, trade-in program for HD DVD player owners

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Best Buy HD DVD Trade-In Logo

In a move to help those upset customers who purchased an HD DVD player, Best Buy has announced they will begin offering $50 gift cards for those who made their purchase before February 23, 2008. Considering the HD DVD players will still function and work fairly nice as an up-converting DVD player this $50 gift card offer sounds nice, but just in case you absolutely want it gone, there is also a trade-in program to consider.

The $50 gift card offer requires the HD DVD player have been purchased at Best Buy, however, and this is where some good news comes in. The Trade-In Center Program will allow anyone to trade in their ‘old’ HD DVD player and also their HD DVD movies whether purchased at Best Buy or not. This program will begin on March 21, 2008 and you can visit to get an “instant estimate of the value of your HD DVD player and movies.”

We have also seen a similar return policy from other big-box retailers Circuit City and Future Shop, I wonder who will be next.

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