Chinese made cellphone lasts 2 years without charging

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2-year chinese cellphone

Imagine buying a phone, signing up for a data plan, and never having to walk near a wall charger again. With this generic new touchscreen phone from China, now you can. With a 3-inch touchscreen, a 1.3-megapixel camera, four built-in speakers, dual-SIM card support, and a whopping 2-year long manufacturer-rated battery life, this just might prove to be “the last mobile phone you’ll ever need.” It also has Bluetooth, an MP3 player, an e-book reader and handwriting recognition in both the English and Chinese language. I think it’s about time the big players in the handset market came around and tried to find out just how China men manage to churn out phones like these. Just what do they fuel these phones with? God?

Via [Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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  • Andrew

    Never buy anything from China.

  • Roddie

    I worked for a major chinese telecom that does GSM projects for some of world's famous operators. They reverse engineer, cheat and work non-stop on water and biscuits. Don't buy a chinese product or you'll regret it when it explodes in your hands

  • jared

    I saw one just last week that said it was 365 on standby (3-5 on talk), and now this one is saying 600+ so soon after? That seems a bit strange to me..

  • Annie

    I don't believe this phone… they are only adding to the marketing hype.

  • Achmeiya

    Lolzor, i can hooray boobies ten time wit phone and wank in ass 😀

  • LockeXT

    Where do you find the specs, and has anyone respectable actually tested these claims?

  • Smart American

    You people that say China products are crap, are stupid and need to do your homework.Besides, it doesnt matter when they OWN over one third of our national debt.We would have give them around 300 Eiffel Towers worth of gold, and guess what bitches, we dont have it!
    Fort Knox would just piss them off if we gave em that.
    You better recognize, China is our LOANSHARK anf the shit is going to go down soon, especially when they cut us off!!

  • SadPanda

    Blogs like gadgetell just get bought by cheap marketing tricks, in exchange for a Happy Meal or a Big Mac. Stupid fucking wankers.

  • zeus

    They run on energy. It's just well stocked. They put out @ 32.800 mAh. That's huge , and just think that your average phone battery put out @ somewhere between 700 – 950 mAh

  • jayextoo

    well put smart American. to not buy anything from China would pretty much mean not buying anything. if you haven't noticed we Americans don't make things anymore. the Chinese also make all your high quality Japanese goods you speak so highly of. Also usually they are not reverse engineering products because they manufactured the original.

  • rooney

    haha…the SMART AMERICAN has proved himself to be NOT smart..which american can open up their phone or their computer appliences, and say..' says made in america' cant make nothing.,..they just import from china or japan or some place like that…for everyone who says that chinese stuff is crappy, here is a secret…only thoise stuff that are exported from china are crappy..Inside china, the quality control is extremely high..ofcourse, you can get the crappy stuff too…those things are ridiculously cheap…Americans need things for cheap, so the chinese gives the cheap stuff to them….lol

  • David Gonzales

    I find the battery life suspicious… Either way, a battery life that long deserves praise. But from the looks of this phone, I think the overall durability is the one you should worry about. It's got four speaker on it, it's quite possible that the phone itself might fail before the battery power runs out.

  • Cool Acid

    USA is NOT America…. America is made of a lot of countries. Not only you egocentric bastards.

  • cellponeguider

    hi,i am an chinese,but i donot hear this phone,i cannot believe one cellphone can use by not charge for two china,there are a lot of goods,some are very cheap,some are expensive.but i should tell you that the cheap goods is not design for you,the very cheap goods will sold in our countryside,where the people earn little money,so they only can buy such goods,although the goods doesnot have the Perfect quality,but the goods is cheap,and they accept the price. On the other hands,the expensive goods most have perfect quality,if you donot care the price,you should buy such goods,so you cannot complain chinese goods are crap,you should think how much you want pay for the goods,and look for the goods at the price.
    if you have other questions about china,welcome to my site and leave word to me,i will reply to you.

  • Gary

    @Roddie I know someone with a Chinese phone and it exploded while he was charging it. Then I have another friend and the speakers on her cellphone just stopped working. The worst part is it's impossible to find support or a repair center for these things.

  • Cool Acid

    USA is NOT America!!

  • alex kid

    how can I but it in Turkey? I want to try it.

  • Chris

    Hey maybe you should use another term instead of "Chinamen" you fuking wetback

  • Lukz

    Free Tibet!!!
    I want this battery for a Sony Ericsson phone.

    Fuck U.S.A.
    Fuck China

    Free Tibet!!!

  • Cheng Hung


    It might be running off a mini nuclear reactor.

  • IGW

    The claims about the battery life are absolute and total rubbish. There is no such thing as a battery available with that sort of amp-hour capacity which would fit into a handset, given the current state of the art in battery technology. Let alone the self-discharge of the battery over time (which is another matter).

    Amazing what rubbish people will believe.


    I believe that the phones are fueled with the souls of innocent children.

  • Cheng Hung

    Perhaps sarcasm does not translate well through text.

    I was merely expressing my disbelief in the battery life.

  • Jenna

    That's amazing! My cell phone stays on the charger!

  • Liza

    This is an interesting possiblity. I'm still quite undecided if I believe it though. I've always gone to <a href=""&#62; batterytex for my battery needs, especially when the batteries of my gadgets die or for spare batteries. I suggest you contact them to find out if this kind of thing is really possible, they're battery professionals.

  • samir

    Atleast don't purchase China mobiles …
    dey hv very low quality standards..
    don't buy it even if dey last 4 10 years or even if dey giv u 4 free..

  • sul

    price? what is sale?

  • yes

    i see these crappy phones on ebay. baterry life a few days standby, a few hours talk time.

  • KA mobile

    the man said china goods all Rubbish,i agree with the man too,you should work your homework ,we are human,should be Rational,we are not anminal,think things not use your brain. as the girl said,when you want to buy a goods,should pay as a reasonable price. the pirce is depend on the cost of the phone.
    for example, how can be a brand new and original iphone sales at 100usd,if you want to take the advantage of the supplier,lol,the result must be you are cheated by lost ,not the scammers.
    you want to buy a good quality phone,but you jsut pay for it low than the cost,how can it be fair. you must will lost in the end. reason is not because of china goods is crap,reason is you are not a good cusotmer at all.

  • anthony bheir

    Well. well. It does appear that some of the unemployed Americans are shooting from their hips. HaHa
    I live in Guyana, and to be honest with you the Chinese over here always use goods made in China. The secret is that their stuff always outlast the imported Chinese stuff sold locally.
    Chinese know what to buy for themselves. We on the other hand always go for the cheap stuff and that is how the cookie crumbles.


    fuk fuk fuk if you all take care of your phones it will last long

  • Devin

    I call total bullsh@t on this. Do some research before you post this crap.

  • Chris Whittome

    Cool – 666 days estimated battery life on stand-by – 3-5 days talk time- not so impressive but good too all the same.

  • chris whittome (trade2save)

    OK, here's the thing.

    This phone clearly does not have a battery that leasts this long. Cheng Hung shame on you for giving such a claim this kind of attention, and shame on other comments that now seem to be heading off on an Chinese manufacturing tangent.

    This is battery life not real life.

  • chris whittome (trade2save)

    Of course, they could claim that the battery life lasts 2 years if the phone always brakes after 2 days! : )

  • paul

    Whats the difference…, I bought new phone every year and they too don't last long enough? Whats wrong in trying chinese made phone, they were nice and cheap compares to korea made that breaks soon too? iphone is made in china too and pricy badly engineered? I have my old HTC fuze made in taiwan it beat the iphone shit?