GPS Ranger lends navigation assistance to hearing-impaired travelers

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GPS Ranger

With a new GPS device that offers virtual tours to travelers suffering from loss of hearing, the GPS Ranger just might be on to something. Launched earlier this month with a multimedia tour of Austin, Texas, the GPS Ranger has a 4-inch screen and is a loudspeaker equipped navigation device aimed at helping deaf and hard-of-hearing travelers have their way around. Recently, sign language tours have even been added into its list of features, and is set to launch later this year in other cities, parks, and zoos. It’s about time someone took care of the travelers who needed assistance the most.

Via [Crave]

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  • Sunny Smith

    Hi, I'm the Marketing Manager for BarZ Adventures, the makers of the GPS Ranger video tour guide system. You incorrectly credit Navigadget with our hallmark product. BarZ Adventures has created the patented GPS Ranger and Zoo Ranger systems to enhance visitor experiences at parks, zoos, college campuses and other outdoor venues. Please visit our website for more information about our cutting-edge technology.