Google Apps designer shares design guidelines

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Google Apps designer shares design guidelines

One of the many things I love about Google is it’s design. Every design interface of each app and product is innovative and user-friendly, which is why more and more websites are copying its simplicity. Recently at the WritersUA conferece, Google’s User Designer for Google Apps John Wiley, shared the design guidelines they follow at Google.

Here are Google’s Design Guidelines:

  • Useful: focus on people – their lives, their work, their dreams.
  • Fast: every millisecond counts.
  • Simple: simplicity is powerful.
  • Engaging: engage beginners and attract experts.
  • Innovative: dare to be innovative.
  • Universal: design for the world.
  • Profitable: plan for today’s and tomorrow’s business.
  • Beautiful: delight the eye without distracting the mind.
  • Trustworthy: be worthy of people’s trust.
  • Personable: add a human touch.

No wonder Google’s homepage looks really simple. No too much information and clutter unlike it’s rival Yahoo. Google’s guiding philosophy is to “focus on the user and all else will follow.” For example, Google adds a human touch with the doodles and the “I’m feeling lucky” feature. Such makes user experience a very productive and easy one.

Much has been said about how Google designs delight the users. But only one thing will remain true: Google is everything described in the guidelines.

Via [Google Operating System]

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