Google Apps users to experience new Gmail features soon

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Google has announced that it will be rolling out new Gmail features to Google Apps users soon, following the Gmail’s recent codebase revamp. The new features include an even faster interface, group chat from the browser, streamlined contact manager, colored message labels, improved keyboard shortcuts, and bookmarkable messages and searches. I’m a Google Apps user myself but I don’t know if I should feel excited about this or not. I know none of the keyboard shortcuts except that to send an email quickly, you press the CTRL and ENTER button simultaneously (although I haven’t even tried that in a while so I’m not completely sure about that), I don’t use labels, I chat using YM, and I thought the interface was supposed to be fast anyway. And I’ve set up my Google Apps account to activate new features immediately once they become available to users. So I don’t know if I’ve already been using the new features or not. Either way, if you’re a Google Apps user too, this is great news for you. At least it’s supposed to be.

Via [Official Gmail Blog]

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