Torrented videos playing on a TV near you, thanks Myka

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If you torrent a lot, then you will be happy to hear about this new product by Myka. Usually, whatever we download we end up watching on our computer screen, but sometimes we just want to watch it on the bigger screen of our big screen TV. To do this, people often burn it on a DVD, or if they have a video iPod or any other PMP, they could convert the video to put it on that and then play on the TV. All of the above can become annoying and time consuming. Apple saw that people had a hard time with this and designed the Apple TV. Now this helped some people, but you would have to buy the videos of iTunes in order for this to work.

Myka, now realized that many people torrent over buying videos the legal way such as through iTunes. They then designed their own, which is product similar to AppleTV. Basically, you can connect the Myka unit using internet LAN or Wi-Fi. You can even connect using Composite, S-Video, or SPDIF. It sells in a few models including 80GB, 160GB or 500GB hard drives. I think 80GB is enough as long as you delete your videos off the Myka as soon as your done watching them, but I guess if you have a ton of videos and don’t feel like deleting them then the 500GB is probably your best option. It even comes with pre-installed BitTorrent software, meaning you can download videos directly from the web and avoiding using your computer as a middleman. This could free valuable computer memory. Prices, so far, are a little on the high side as they range from $299 to $459, which is a little more than AppleTV. However, I really like the idea of this product and if you torrent a lot then you might want to consider purchasing it.

Read [Myka] Via [Gizmodo]

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