Mozilla Firefox, the platform you’ve never considered

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With over 165 million people in their community of users, Mozilla and it’s well loved Firefox browser should surprise no one when they say they mean business. After all, Firefox is the one tool that links everything we as Internet consumers do together, from Flickr to Amazon to MySpace to Facebook. But when was the last time you considered Firefox as a platform in itself, and thought that without it, none of these other so-called platforms would even have a chance to exist?

OK, there are other browsers like IE, Opera, and Safari, but besides the point, Firefox is the great unwashed platform that you’ve nearly ignored. The number of Firefox add-ons keep growing every minute, and it’s quite possible that the services provided by other web sites (let’s say for example, Twitter) will soon be integrated into Firefox as a built-in feature, negating the need for you to access the said web site. And except maybe for the Apple iPhone with Mac OS X, Firefox would have no other clear competition. Or at least it shouldn’t have. So if you’re a developer or advocate of a platform other than Mozilla’s own, take heed and rethink your strategy. Unless you want to bite the dust, that is.

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