Virgin Mobile announces “Pay As You Go” plans

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Virgin Mobile Pre-Paid Plans

Virgin Mobile has just announced the availability of pre-paid calling plans. With Virgin Mobile’s new affordable pre-paid plans, consumers will now be able to choose between two options – the Pay As You Go plan or the Go Unlimited plan.

Virgin Mobile’s new Pay As You Go plan has the value of Roll Forward Minutes wherein up to 5,000 unused minutes from the plan can be rolled forward to the new Minute Pack that customers would buy. In order to roll the minutes forward the new minutes must be purchased within 30 days of their last purchase. Virgin Mobile’s per-minute pack is priced at 5-cents per minute ($50 total) when a customer buys the 1,000 minute pack.

Likewise, Virgin Mobile has also enhanced its monthly plans by offering a nights and weekends rate of $49.99 which includes an unlimited calling that begins at 7:00 pm. Additionally, Virgin Mobile is also offering a $34.99 monthly plan with 300 anytime minutes per month and 1,000 minutes during nights and weekends starting at 7:00 pm.

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