Slim USB mouse, perfect for sub-laptops, bad for the hand

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Slim USB mouse, perfect for sub-laptops, may be bad for the hand

Very small and compact sub-laptops like the Asus Eee PC, Cloudbook, and the Intel 2go PC which was first referred to as the Netbook, are quickly rising to fame. Maybe because of their price and portability. They may not offer much on the specs but such small laptops can come in very handy. Now, don’t you just think that a small USB mouse like the Super Slim USB Mouse can be perfect accessory? You know, a tiny mouse for a tiny laptop.

The mouse may look weird since it’s size is almost half of a regular sized mouse. Just when company peripheral manufacturers are designing ergonomic mice, this slim mouse comes out with a bang. The optical mouse comes with only one button which leads me to ask how am I gonna do the right click, it being important to me. A scroll is also placed at the right side of the thin mouse.

The slim optical mouse costs only a little less than $12. Not bad since this one could be great for travel and for sub-laptops that have no Bluetooth connectivity, but seriously, I think I’m gonna have a hard time using this one.

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  • shaye

    This mouse looks like a dildo guys..