Sony BMG to introduce unlimited music service?

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Sony BMG to introduce unlimited music library access?

Rumor has it that Sony BMG is launching an unlimited music subscription. Rolf Schmidt-Holtz was noted saying in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, that the company is already working on music subscription service, of course, for the greater good of the Internet users. We’re expecting the music service would launch before 2008 is over and would cost between $9 to $12 per month. Songs are expected to play on all types of digital players including the iPod, which would imply that they were going to be released as DRM-free.

Schmid-Holtz disclosed:

“The simplest option would be a flat rate under which a monthly payment would provide access to our entire music catalogue for all digital players, including Apple’s iPod”

“it is even possible that clients could conserve some songs indefinitely, that they would own them even after the subscription expired”

Sony is currently selling songs on Apple’s iTunes Store and have plans to do so even with their new music buying service. But what’s strange about this possible upcoming service is that users could potentially keep some songs (that would remain playable) should they cancel the service. Something that typically does not happen with a subscription based models. It’s puzzling I know. What does he really mean by that? Let’s just wait and see…

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