Cannondale’s new rig makes the mountains nervous

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Cannondale MotoCannondale unleashed two new models for the 2008 season: the Moto and the Rise. Both models show Cannondale’s direction of bringing lighter weight bikes back to the forefront. And both bikes work to define the all-mountain category which seems to be to be getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

The Moto offers up 160mm of floating travel in the rear end using their new Hatchet Drive designed to break free of stiction faster and make the travel more usable. The pro build on the top of the line weighs in at a respectable 30lbs. The Moto will be found from $3899 and $6499.

The new Rise will tip the scales at 24lbs for the priciest model. This design features 130mm of travel and offers the worlds first integrated seat tube, main pivot and bottom bracket. The forged part eliminates all the welding and added stress points and aims to save weight. The Rise can be had in various models, typical of Cannondale from $1799-$5499.

The rise will be offered with a new Lefty version as well. Having ridden extensively on a Lefty, I can say if you can get past looking down and freaking out about there only being one support (the fork is single sided) you’ll love it.

As the line blurs between cross country bikes and downhill bikes, it is great to see weight of the rig being brought back into restraint. Cannondale will be building both bikes in the USA from a range of carbon, aluminum and other sexy materials. For those of us that like pedaling uphills (or at least have the option to) it is a welcome change.

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