Meet DAVE, IKEA’s laptop table

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DAVE Ikea Laptop Table

Allow me to introduce you to DAVE, the laptop table from IKEA. The 2008 IKEA print catalog shows DAVE in a teenager’s room and only shows white as a color option, but really it is suitable for all ages and also comes in black. I recommend getting the black though since the white could start to look dingy over time with heavy use.

DAVE currently retails for $24.99, which is already a great price for a laptop desk, but DAVE also has good design going for him it. It’s height-adjustable, and the tabletop’s triangular shape will allow it to easily fit into a corner, which could be a perfect storage spot when he it is not in use. The tabletop also has a hole in back for cords to go through, and is spacious enough to fit a laptop, mousepad, as well as other small accessories.

OK, so this being a table from IKEA it doesn’t exactly feel the sturdiest, but hey, for only $24.99 you can expect perfection, its also better than burning your lap. Currently owning one I can say it works fine for me!

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  • TekSavvy

    That would be a great addition to my living room provided that there were some vent holes/slats on the bottom of the desk…

  • jonty

    Can you say how sturdy is it? Can it cope with being used for typing/working with a laptop without wobbling or feeling unstable?


  • Maffie Rafferty

    I can't say how sturdy it is on a hard floor since I have mine on carpet, but it does wobble when I type on the laptop. But just as long as you don't totally pound on the keyboard then it should be fine.

  • Paola Rossi

    I tested the Ikea Dave and the Lounge-book, they are two different product and approaches. I think there is space for a comparison starting from uses, navigating, working, typing evaluating vibration, comfort, ergonomics…

  • mx19

    I found how to fix the wobbly-ness of this IKEA Dave.
    The two small plastic pieces that puts the screw together need to be cut and filed to fit inside the black metal rod. The metal rod has an opening in one that is supposed to fit the bump on the base. It's a bit tricky, but I suggest you glue down the plastic part to the inside up to the opening on the metal rod. The cut and file shouldn't be done too much, but just enough to fit inside the metal rod.

  • Sallina

    Poorly made, but you get what you paid for. I purchased this from IKEA for only 17.99. The concept of the design is cool. I love the fact that it is small and does not have the tri-pod legs like most laptop table. The table top is not very adjustable; only allow you one tilt option. It does allow you to move the table up and down, but still very limited. In addition, it is not sturdy … AND my laptop/mouse constantly slides down. Overall, I am disappointed in this product. I would have thought coming from a well know retailer, the company would have put much more thought behind the design. I definitely suggest putting out a little more cash for better quality. You definitely get what you paid for with this item.

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  • Staale

    I use a Portapad, which is an inflatable laptop support. It sounds weird but it's extremely comfortable and it stays inflated for at least a month before needing refill. I have one that I bring with me on my commute too since it's so light weight.
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  • calvin

    Hello ikea-fanboys among other people,

    I found an easy solution that doesn't require filing or drilling.
    - take a piece of 8×11 paper and fold it several times into approximate 2"x6"
    - put ur table into the slanted position
    - insert the paper on top of the rear hinge – where the top piece makes contact with the metal rod
    - put ur table back to the upright position (a little pressure might be required)
    - watch and ensure the the plastic piece locks to the small, extruding bolt at the tip of the metal rod

    now you should have a pretty sturdy table in the upright position…

  • DS

    +1 Calvin

    Although I had to fold the paper way more than 2″x6″. Basically fold it until it will barely fit into the space. The more pressure it takes to put the table into the upright position, the better.