Upcoming Asus Eee PC’s to feature touchscreen, possible GPS support

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Asus has unveiled plans to include touchscreens in the next generation of the Eee PC. These will be included in the Eee PC 900 which will feature the 8.9-inch display, and is sound like these updates will make most current Eee PC owners just a little jealous.

According to Kevin Lin, who is the vice president of Asustek’s sales department the new Eee PC’s will feature touchscreen panels and possibly include GPS support. In addition to the touchscreen and GPS, the new lineup will also see a boost in both memory and storage. The standard RAM will be 1GB as opposed to the current 512MB and the storage will go up from the current 4-8GB to 8-12GB’s.

The new Eee PC’s are expected to begin shipping in May or June and retail for around $500. Asus also has plans to ship their previously announced E-DT desktop model around the same May or June timeframe, which is expected to retail for $199.

Via [DigiTimes]

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