TeaShark gives full web browsing on mobile phones

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TeaShark mobile phone browser

Tired of using your mobile phone’s default web browser or perhaps you do not like Opera Mini? Here’s a new mobile web browser which offers full web browsing right in your mobile phone’s small display screen – TeaShark.

TeaShark works with mobile phone models that support JAVA MIDP 2.0. It renders web pages on a mobile phones the same way that web pages are rendered on usual PC web browsers. Perhaps realizing that their product has to offer something different, the TeaShark developers have peppered their mobile web browsers with several nifty features not commonly found in other mobile phone browsers.

These features include; intelligent mouse cursor for easy navigation, 2-level zooming for fine reading and quick navigation between sections of the web pages, landscape orientation for a wider screen display, multi tabs and history, bookmark management with color tagging, enhanced click and search with phone number recognition.

TeaShark is currently on the beta stage. Uploading and installing it on your mobile is free except for the airtime charges that will be charge by your network providers for connecting to the web.

To install TeaShark on your JAVA enabled mobile phones, just point your browser to and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the browser. If you want to follow the long route, just visit the Tea Shark website and download the web browser to your PC, then connect your phone and upload the software, then install it in your mobile phone. You are then on your way to an enhanced mobile browsing experience.

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