Amazon quickly hits #2 with DRM-free online music

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Amazon Music Store

After only six months of launching its online music store that sells only DRM-free music, Amazon may very well be on the way to becoming the web’s number one music store. But that is if Apple’s iTunes does not make some drastic moves to counter Amazon’s growing popularity and increasing sales transactions.

It looks like the popularity of Apple’s music store, rest not so much on the iTunes itself nor on its very successful iPod media players. Amazon doesn’t have an online store that automatically connects to media players for quick uploading but what Amazon gives to users is something that Apple doesn’t offer – DRM free music which users can play using any brand of portable media players. And for music lovers and tech gadget users that’s a big thing.

And so we see Amazon’s online music store gaining popularity. Backed by the four major music labels, we see 4 million music tracks available for anyone to purchase for a $.99. As compared to Apple’s 2 million DRM-free music tracks. And then the inevitable happened. Amazon got popular and is now the number 2 online music store, next to Apple which is hanging by a thread on its position.

Will Amazon’s online music store continue to make huge waves and eventually grab the number one spot from Apple? I am pretty sure Apple doesn’t want that to happen, and so it continues to make a promise of releasing more DRM-free music to iTunes. In the meantime online music consumers continue to flock into the Amazon online music store.

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