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Youtube Insight Graph

As someone who has uploaded a few videos in YouTube myself, I sometimes long for the ability to see more detailed information about my uploaded video’s viewers. I’d like to know where visitors came from, how much time they spent going from one of my videos to another, is there a specific time of day when they stay longer than usual watching my videos, etc. And just recently YouTube has revealed that it now lets users do exactly that, providing a Google Analytics-like service with Youtube Insight.

With YouTube Insight, uploaders can now “see how often their videos are viewed in different geographic regions, as well as how popular they are relative to all videos in that market over a given period of time.” It’s really just as simple as applying the principles of regular web site tracking programs for YouTube page views. The resulting statistics from YouTube Insight can then be used by uploaders to optimize their content, presentation, and overall delivery in order to get the most out of their uploaded videos.

As of now, YouTube hints that the service is still not going to be delivered in its entirety — they’re probably tweaking the systems up a bit to make sure no bugs or errors ever occur for users. But you can get a taste of the upcoming full YouTube Insight service by going to My account > Videos, Favorites, Playlists > Manage my Videos and then click on “About this video” for any uploaded video. From there you’ll be able to see a graph representing your video’s number of page views as well as a geographical map detailing where in the world your visitors are all coming from. It’s actually pretty neat by itself right now that if YouTube hadn’t posted about it in their blog, I would never have known that this service was not yet complete. So I’m really excited for them to release the full version. I’m sure they’re going to do just that very very soon.

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