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Adobe Photoshop Express beta

Photoshop Express recently attracted my attention and I signed up. This was a very easy and short process. Include me in that group of digital photo snapping and sharing fanatics. Sharing photos has become the easy part – choosing where to share them is – well, not so easy. Researching the numerous photo sharing sites available on the internet is very time consuming.

Competition is rampant among these photo hosting sites. Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly and Picasa are just a few popular drops in the bucket. I wish that there was a giant list of options that could be checked off that would lead to the perfect site for me. My requirements may not be the same as yours but here goes.

I’d rather not pay a subscription fee. Most photo sharing sites offer free albums but extra features will initiate a fee. Editing abilities and uploads to my blogs as well as other sites are huge time savers. For example, photos in Facebook, Photobucket and Picasa can be edited through Photoshop Express. Viewing options for my visitors are also important to me. Whether viewing as a private visitor or as a public viewer, slideshows and videos are fun.

So, what else does Photoshop Express offer you and me? It may not mean a lot to some but the Flash Player 9 required to run Photoshop Express gives a smooth and good looking page. There are not an over abundance of features that confuse someone just getting started – but the quality of the features keep more experienced users happy. I can choose to display all or some of my photos to the public or to keep all or some of them private. Overall I like Photoshop Express.

Menus are not hard to navigate and some editing can be accomplished by simply placing your mouse over a photo. With a simple click on the photo you will see a long list including options from editing to emailing. Small editing projects are also possible. You can touch up areas that you don’t like such red-eye or a blemish. Change the overall hue of the photo, change areas to another color or change it to black and white. Editing should not scare anyone since the separate thumbnails will show the result of any changes made and you can always return to your original photo. My tip here is to give your changes a second or two to finish. At first I thought that I was doing something wrong and then realized that the screen was telling me that Photoshop Express was “working” and to give it a rest already.

Photoshop Express fills many of my requests. It is still in beta so maybe I will tell them about options that appeal to me. One thing I noticed is that when I upload a photo I am shown the size and date of the photo. Although I can resize it I would rather be able to specify the size rather than to choose a preset adjustment. I like to highlight particular areas of a photo with my choice of colors. I had great luck changing the colors of the screen of my cell phone but not so much with wings of a butterfly. The “Pop Color” feature could be a bit easier to use in my opinion.

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