HP releases odd-looking, yet powerful Elite Autofocus Webcam

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HP Elite Autofocus Webcam

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that HP’s new Elite Autofocus Webcam is actually a webcam. It looks more like desk lamp minus the fluorescent lighting. But yes, the product spec sheet does say that the odd-looking device is really a webcam, and a powerful one at that.

In fact, the HP Autofocus Webcam touts of a 12-megapixel still image capturing feature using software interpolation. It’s got a 3-megapixel sensor with autofocus and will let users get high-definition video quality which are sharp and focused.

The Elite Autofocus Webcam is compatible with AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Using an instant chat button, users just need to tap a button that will automatically fire up any of those IM clients, depending on user’s preference. Complementing this chat feature is the Elite Autofocus Webcam’s integrated stereo microphone and plug and play USB connection, making it easy for anyone to install the device on their machines.

Now, going back to the odd look of the Elite Autofocus Webcam, HP must have not designed the webcam that way if not to serve a purpose. It look like the webcam was designed that way to make the stable, secure and easy to attach on the monitor’s edge.

Adding value to the the Elite Autofocus Webcam are 4 resolutions of varying speed – 640×480 with 30fps, 800×600 with 20fps, 1280 x 920 with up to 8-9 fps and 1600 x 1200 with 5-6 fps.

Finally, the HP Elite Autofocus Webcam comes with software to help users manage their online chat. The included programs are ArcSoft Magic-i to capture, edit and share short videos and HP Photosmart Essential for editing and retouching purposes.

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  • Mike

    Yeah it looks more like a desk lamp to study.But the features of the web cam look to be very good no matter it looks odd.