Adobe breathes AIR into Linux Foundation

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Adobe Air Linux

Adobe is up and about this past few days. After launching Photoshop Express, here comes Adobe announcing that it’s AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), a cross operating system runtime used for developing various web applications that run both online and offline. Adobe AIR for Linux joins Windows and Mac in giving users with a rich interface to develop their applications.

“Adobe’s decision to join the LF is a natural extension of its commitment to open standards and open source, which demonstrates its leadership and foresight in the software industry,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “Adobe’s membership will contribute to our goal of increasing even more application development on Linux with a specific emphasis on Web 2.0 applications.”

Adobe AIR is currently in alpha stage on both Mac and Windows but most of the apps developed so far run smoothly on both operating systems. It is not yet ascertained whether these applications will also run seamlessly in a Linux environment. But once these applications were tested and proven good in the Linux environment, we might be seeing the start of mainstreaming open source software. Some other major players have already pledge their support to the Open Source advocacy of the Linux Foundation. Adobe will be joining Google, Nokia, IBM and HP in supporting the Linux Foundation.

Perhaps finally, major industry players are seeing the value of Linux and its open source work as well as the community’s overwhelming support of open source applications. Hence, these companies are starting to make their presence felt in the open source community.

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