Jabra announces the BT4010 handsfree Bluetooth with LCD display

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Jabra Bluetooth Headset BT4010

Jabra has announced a new Bluetooth headset with a feature not commonly found among small devices. The Jabra BT4010 has a small LCD instead of the usual LED display used by other Bluetooth headsets. Touting a small and yet clear LCD display the BT4010 up to boasts of 6 hours talk time. The new LCD feature, modeled from those of mobile phones, makes this headset more user-friendly as you can clearly see how much battery the headset has left, which will be a nice change from the more common blinking LED lights, which seem to never make sense.

To make the headset friendlier for users, the BT4010 was designed with no distracting flashing lights. The headset auto-pairs with mobile phones and has crystal clear sound due to e-CO technology. The Jabra BT4010 can also be worn with or without the ear-hook. It comes with two kinds of hooks which users can choose to use depending on their personal preferences.

With all those features, what is left is the most important feature of the Jabra BT4010, next to the high-quality sound – size and weight. Fortunately, the Jabra 4010 doesn’t weigh too much at only 0.35-ounce, and neither is it big in size with a dimension of 2 x 0.67 x 1.1-inches. The Jabra BT4010 will be released this spring and retail for $59.99.

Via [Phone Arena]

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