Plantronics intro’s the elegant Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece collection

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Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpice

Plantronics has announced its new Bluetooth headset model, the Discovery 925 earpiece collection for both men and women. The Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece collection is a set of headsets which answer both design and performance needs of consumers today.

Released in unique palette of colors, Onxy Black, Alchemy Gold and Cerise Pink, the 925 earpiece was treated with glass beads and fire-blasted for a deep enamel-like finish. Plantronics must have forgotten that they were actually creating a Bluetooth headset and not a piece of fine jewelry when they created the Discovery 925 headsets. From the photos alone, the Discovery 925 headset definitely looks sleek and uber cool.

In addition to its svelte design, the Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece also sports a unique VFrame design which follows the contours of a user’s face, drawing the 925 earpiece’s microphone closer to the mouth. This allows clarity and audibility when talking to somebody on the other line.

Technically speaking the 925 Bluetooth earpiece is not to be taken as just one of your usual Bluetooth earpieces. For one, it boasts of having the capability to deliver exceptional outstanding audio quality for incoming and outgoing calls even when there’s too much noise in the environment. The Plantronics earpiece also has a noise reduction technology that removes background noise while adjusting the incoming volume. Other features of the Plantronics Discovery 925 earpiece collection include; rechargeable case, audioIQ noise control, self-destabilizing eartips, quick and easy set up, 5 hours talk time and 7 days stand by time.

The earpiece will hit US stores this April and retail for $149.99.

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