Dental Insert Microphone gives you Bluetooth, quite literally

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Bluetooth Dental Insert Microphone

Chinavasion, a company known for churning out sometimes bizarre and sometimes novel little gadgets, now brings us a cellphone accessory to show just how literally they take certain things. For what better way is there to celebrate having a Bluetooth headset and mic pair for your phone than wearing the microphone part inside your own tooth? I think it’s an engineering marvel.

Seriously though, I have to admit this is still convenient. Of course you’d worry about the microphone being soaked up in saliva after some time, but the durable composite resin filling protects it from harm. It works with any Bluetooth capable phone or Bluetooth handsfree and won’t worry you about charging. Because aside from its built-in battery pack, it also has its own solar panel. I’m not quite sure how that would work, but if you’re desperate, I’m sure you’re willing to keep your mouth open even for just a few minutes. There’s no word on pricing for it yet, but one thing you have to know is that your purchase of this does not include the dental surgery. You have to seek out a dentist of your own or else, implant this on your tooth by yourself.

Bluetooth Dental Insert Microphone

Product [Chinavasion] Via [Geek Alerts]

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  • Chris Whittome

    I need an implant after losing a tooth – how about a bluetooth tooth! Now that would be cool! Now how would we charge it…hmm? Duracell Chewing gum perhaps

  • William

    How would you turn this thing on and off ? How would you turn off the batteries or adjust the volume. Wonder how different ringtones would resonate in your skull. Love the idea. <a href="Dental" rel="nofollow">">Dental implants are certainly changing every day.

  • Zor

    Well, this is very nice trick.But really how do you change a battery?

  • chuckles

    anyone actually check the product on chinavasion? it was an april fool's day prank.