Samsung intros Instinct for Sprint at CTIA 2008

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Samsung Instinct for Sprint

By and large, almost all the latest cellphones carry a touchscreen display and some kind of ho-hum touch-based UI with them these days. Don’t these trying-hard companies see that they are only strengthening the brand they are attacking with their half-baked jabs at innovation? Or is it imitation? It seems like everybody’s trying their best to make an iPhone killer, and miserably fails, each and every time. But ‘ole Samsung’s latest offering begs for a second look, a chance to impress. Samsung introduced a new phone, called the Samsung Instinct, to be made available for a still undisclosed price.

As you can see, the Samsung Instinct has a large, touch-sensitive display and it runs on a custom UI made by Samsung from the ground up taking data convergence into focus. It will also offer local haptic feedback, built-in GPS and Sprint TV. This is Samsung’s first direct strike at Apple’s iPhone, as well as against a lot of other touchscreen-based devices that have been popping up lately. I’m sure Samsung hopes that the Instinct won’t stink but will it have what it takes to be a real iPhone killer when it’s finally released? We will see.

Via [I4U News] Via [Crunchgear]

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  • Doug Berger

    Another notable feature: The ability to navigate a web page by tilting the device. Instead of using accelerometers like Apple's iPhone, It uses the camera to tell when you're moving it… neato!