Nuance Voicemail to Text converts voice messages to text

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Nuance Voicemail to Text

The voice-to-text conversion service industry is not yet too crowded, so I guess there’s room for one more player in Nuance Communications’ VoiceMail to Text service for converting voicemail into a readable text. Nuance’s Voicemail to Text service is a network dependent mobile service that allows users to read voice messages left on their phone mailboxes.

Although we’ve heard about this kind of service before, Nuance is nonetheless touting its advanced speech recognition technology backed by 3,000 transcriptionists to deliver accurate, scalable, reliable and flexible transcription of voice messages. Nuance also uses what it calls the Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition technology for converting voicemail into text that users can read, edit, save, forward, index and archive to read them some other time.

“Converting voicemail to text is a powerful and simple concept. But implementing a highly scalable semi-automated service is far more complex and requires highly accurate speech recognition – technology that takes decades to develop,” said Steve Chambers, president, mobile and consumer services division, Nuance.

Nuance’s speech recognition system is embedded with any standard voicemail system. Callers just need to leave a message to a Nuance-enabled voicemail system and the message will be automatically transcribed to text. The transcribed message will then be sent as an email or text messages to users.

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  • David Gerzof

    SimulScribe already offers a voicemail-to-text service that works on just about every carrier network in the U.S. and Canada. You can unify multiple lines from multiple carriers into one SimulScribe voicemail box and read all your voicemails in a single, unified email account. SimulScribe offers a 7 day free trial at