Toshiba unveils Sleep-and-Charge USB ports, charges even when PC is off

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Toshiba Sleep-and-Charge USB

Together with its announcement of redesigned laptops in its Satellite series, Toshiba has also announced a new technology called Sleep-and-Charge USB ports. As you can guess from its name, this allows the USB port to charge up your mobile devices whether the laptop is powered on, shut off or in sleep mode.

The new USB port answer’s the shortcomings of today’s USB ports. That is, their dependence on the laptop or desktop for power supply. With the new Sleep-and-Charge USB ports, Toshiba has eliminated this problem. Now, for as long as the laptop or desktop where the USB port is plugged in to an electrical outlet, the USB port will continue to provide power.

If you find Toshiba’s Sleep-and-Charge USB ports a worthy reason for you to get a new Toshiba Satellite laptop, make sure to check out the Satellite model series – U400, M300, A300 and P300 as they are all equipped with the Sleep-and-Charge USB ports.

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  • DAniel Gomez

    how do u turn on the sleep-and charge feature ??

  • Carol

    how do u turn on the sleep-and charge feature ??