Improved Yahoo! oneSearch now offering search from standby, voice-enabled search and more

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Yahoo! oneSearch 2.0

CTIA Wireless ain’t just about the hardware. Sooner or later, you know a new application was bound to be revealed. And although Yahoo!’s latest development might not be something entirely new, it still ushers in a few cool features that are worthy of mention. I’m talking about Yahoo!’s improved oneSearch app, now called oneSearch 2.0, with new features that are already available for a few select Blackberry devices.

With oneSearch 2.0, users can now search instantly from the standby screen of their mobile devices, and this is further helped by Yahoo! Mobile Search Assist, which works in the same way as Yahoo!’s very own search suggest feature from their homepage on the Internet. This means that the most common search results will begin popping up even if you’re only three letters into typing your search term, plus it will also work to refine your search from more general terms. Let’s say for example that you’re searching for Ketchup, the intelligent Search Assist feature will then bring refined search terms according to your query, like Tomato Ketchup, Banana Ketchup, etc. Certainly makes searching for groceries much easier, eh?

A partnership with vlingo, a leading speech-recognition company, has also made Yahoo! oneSearch voice-enabled. And according to Yahoo! users need only “speak whatever they are looking for and have access to instant answers.” Right. So now the only thing left for you to do is to convince yourself that it’s OK to talk at an inanimate object (your mobile device). The complete set of new features will be fully available in Q2 2008, but you can try the voice-enabled feature by going to, and as previously mentioned, select Blackberry devices already have a few of the other features as well.

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