Mozilla releases final Firefox 3 beta

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Firefox 3 Beta 5

Mozilla has released what will be the final beta version of Firefox 3, which comes in the form of Firefox 3 Beta 5. While normally we would not get this excited over such a small jump, because going from beta 4 to beta 5 should not result in excitement. According to the release notes there has been over 750 changes since beta 4 became available, most of which comes not as new features but bug fixes, which should make any current Firefox 3 user consider moving up. That is especially true for any OS X users because that pesky jfif issue with copying images from the web has been fixed. Oh, and we cannot forget, there is a new initial launch splash screen to marvel at.

A release candidate (RC1) is expected to as early as next Tuesday and Firefox 3 is still on schedule for a June final release. Also don’t forget that even though Firefox 3 seems stable, it still is beta, so you can be pretty certain that you may have some issues, thankfully ours came only in the form of extensions and themes.

Download [Mozilla] Via [Macworld]

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