Trapster warns drivers of speed traps through mobile phones

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Trapster is a new mobile phone application that may subliminally encourage drivers to speed. Why subliminal? Well Trapster comes under the guise of being a speed trap sharing system, which means they, or actually the other users are helping you in not getting caught while driving fast. Using Wi-Fi or GPS, Trapster lets drivers report the location of speed traps, red light cameras and other locations that may be of interest to other drivers. Once you get into the Trapster system, you’ll automatically get an audio alert when you’re approaching a location with existing ticket threat. Then it’s up to you how you can avoid that threat. Likewise, Trapster users can also customize the alerts that they receive, say just the existence of red light cameras on specific locations or just the speed traps currently present on certain locations.

Although Trapster works best on GPS enabled phones such as Nokia’s Symbian based handsets, Windows Mobile and Blackberries. Users who don’t have any of those models can still take advantage of the Trapster service using Jott’s voice to text service. Finally, the Trapster site did not mention pricing for the service. But I suspect that charges will be incurred by users depending on their network providers.

So, if you are ready to become traffic enforcement’s public enemy no. 1, why not take Trapster for a spin and see how it goes. While I am not sure how much I agree with this system, I am also not sure this could be considered as anything other than a “Web 2.0 style” radar detector.

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