Sneak peek at the Lenovo IdeaPad U8 MID

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Lenovo IdeaPad U8

At the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, Lenovo has released a teaser video showcasing its IdeaPad U8 Mobile Internet Device (MID) concept. The concept integrates a computer, PDA, GPS, and cell phone into a single slim package. And boy, does it look sexy. Lenovo plans on using an Intel Atom processor and a customized Linux Distribution as its OS, but support for Microsoft Office applications is expected. Spec-wise, the U8 will sport Firefox web browsing over 3G and EDGE connectivity, a 4.8-inch touchscreen, live GPS, and a camera. An optical mouse/joystick located by the display will allow one-handed operation, while its calendar, finance software, and handwritten notes taking capability will keep you organized. Unfortunately, whether or not the U8 will come with Wi-Fi support is unknown. I have my fingers crossed.

Lenovo has not released pricing or availability details as the U8 is still officially just a concept. Continue reading to see the U8’s promotional video.

Via [SlashGear]

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