Adobe disowns photos uploaded in Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop Express

Great news for all Photoshop Express users! After careful deliberation (I’m guessing somewhere between 2 seconds a couple thousand emails), Adobe has decided to trash the section in the Photoshop Express EULA where it says that Adobe owns any and all photos you upload, and can do whatever the heck they want with it, including using it for monetary gains. As of April 10, they say that they’re only going to claim “those limited rights that allow [them] to operate the service” and not “claim ownership of your content and won’t sell your images.” Good. I was fearing they might find a way to make money from all of the greasy mugshots I’ve uploaded to their service. God bless freedom of speech!

Via [Gizmodo]

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  • T Mailer

    Smart decision on Adobe's part. They were getting a lot of frowns by wanting to own your creations. This will not only give them some brownie points but ensure that the service is well used.